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Age: 64


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Is this even possible? This must be a joke. Or a sci-fi! How else can we explain a woman over 60 in our atelier? But this rule was broken today! Zuzana is 64 years old!!!! And I have to admit she looks really amazing. Seeing her for the first time, I guessed she was 50. That’s why I was so shocked when she revealed her true age! Unbelievable!! She looks really great! But I had no idea what will happen next. Zuzana, a grandmother, has been filming adult movies for several years! She prefers fucking more guys at once and she can really enjoy that!!! Do you get that? It was clear this will be a hell of a ride! Zuzana more than fancied our young cameraman and she grabbed his cock in no time. Total carnage! Fucking a 64 years old with pussy hairy as a yeti, yetis something only we can offer! Enjoy another phenomenal Czech Casting!