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Age: 26


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Forget the past, disregard the future. Czechcasting is here and we’re bringing you Veronika, a goddess of beauty and sexuality. We don’t see how no scout happened to discovered Veronika a long time ago. She’s hard to fail to notice – she’s got dark hair, magnetic eyes, a perfect tall, slim body, and those tits, and a juicy ass. All these attributes make her the perfect alpha-female. And I’m not speaking about her pussy! This is the Nirvana! Despite all that, this 26-year-old vixen comes across as a chaste and well-bred girl from a good family. It turned out that she worked in the most famous night club in Prague! Holy sh..! Will she let the cameramen enter her magic pussy? Will she help him reach the enlightenment? You’ll find out soon. Just check this exceptional video. 3, 2, 1… PLAY!