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Age: 25


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He who arrives late screws himself over. But today, we have a little something for all lovers of well developed woman chests. And just imagine that this little brunette here, named Veronica, had an incredible breast size of 7 just a few months before appearing in this episode of CzechCasting. She had almost a half of their size surgically removed. That made all the "miners" in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia so sad that they cried a river of horny tears. Nevertheless, there's still a pair of pretty bazoongas hidden under her T-shirt... At least some compensation for all the booblovers among us, huh? But now, the important question – was this busty slut willing to get fucked by a strange dude for five thousand Crowns, or did she return home with an empty pocket, dry between her legs? Make yourself comfortable, your daily ration of amateur excitement is here!