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Age: 31


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This episode is completely thrilling! Something you can't miss! Just imagine that the white sofa was honoured by an ass of Vera, a famous Czech movie and theater star! How did it happen? How is it possible? Vera has spent some time at home and her main occupation was taking care of her , cooking, and occasional sex with her husband. She's bored. It's crystal clear. She was like an earthquake when she came to our studio and we guarantee that her presence is completely hilarious, all of us enjoyed this casting. See for yourselves! Watch this beautiful and well-known Czech actress who likes anal sex and golden rain in her mouth!!! Will she shag with the cameraman? Is she going to preform the craziest bit of her life? Tabloids would love this come true. Enjoy the most funny casting in the world. This is something you don't get to see elsewhere! We guarantee that!