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Age: 21


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Be careful, because this CzechCasting is really shocking. We recommend you to take a seat before watching, because you will have to watch this video several times before believing it! When Tereza came through the door, we thought an angel visited us. A young, beautiful, educated and modest girl hardened our opinion during the interview. As it turned out, she is artistically gifted, interested in art and is beginning her studies at the Theological Faculty. Our foreheads covered in sweat, thinking “What is this girl doing here?” and losing hope of any erotica happening… Everything changed when we offered her a few pieces of silver for her purity. Suddenly, the angel dissolved and the slut appeared. She skillfully grabbed our cameraman’s cock and screwed the guy attached to it. We warn you, this video is going to shatter many illusions and redefine what the word “sacred” means!