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Age: 22


Do you want to get in touch? Glamino.com/tereza

Oh my god, what's this girl doing here? We asked this question ourselves many times already, but the question was never so pressing as in the case of twenty two year old Tereza from Karlovy Vary. Judge for yourselves. This beautiful girl with a lovely face is a successful college student and dreams about being an investigator, most likely a police one... She earns a living with modeling and has big plans for the future. Her life was tragically affected by a car accident recently, but Tereza is a strong girl, cheerful and very warm-hearted, so she found her feet quickly. In addition, that sad event made her meet her new partner (who was sitting in the adjacent room the whole time, by the way). BUT! Will this beautiful girl really agree to fuck a stranger for five hundred Crowns, in front of a rolling camera? That would be awesome!