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Age: 22


Do you want to get in touch? Glamino.com/sona

We think that it would probably be better if the next contestant introduced herself: What's up? My name is Sona and I took a train all the way from Brno. I'm 22 years old and I study economics at a local university. This is my first casting ever, but I sorta caught an appetite for the modeling business, mainle because it's a nice source of income. I'm a hot piece of meat and I really like to smile a lot. I may be a little flat and I got a big ass, but I bet that's fine with you. My hubbie sells second-hand cars in Luzanky (not a well paid job). So when these people threw a five hundred Crowns offer my way for just working out my pussy, I instantly jumped at it. It took some thinking, but I'm sure not gonna blow this opportunity, since I came all the way to Prague. On top of that,the guy with the camera is quite fuckable... But I sure wouldn't show you my you-know-what for free. My guy won't find out and I'll just enjoy spending the 500 Crowns on something nice. So that's it! Now watch!