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Age: 26


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Wow, what a casting! You don’t see this often. The newest episode of the biggest casting in the history of mankind is crammed with emotions. Beautiful bartender Petra will go through an unbelievably inner fight on our white sofa. Her past is crushing her. She grew up in depressing shadows of an orphanage and she got her experience from the battlefield called the streets. Nothing you’d envy. But she managed to grow into beautiful and optimistic girl with a big heart. This always smiling brunette told us about her experience with acts and solos from when she was 18. But there is a boundary she will never cross. She will never fuck a guy she has no feelings for; she doesn’t have guts for that. That’s pity, because Petra is really hot with her slim body and exclusive ass. But never say never. You will stare in astonishment when you see what happened after Ales touched her down there. In that moment Petra’s head started a massive fight with her pussy. Head shouted NO!!! You cannot do that!!! You can’t!!! The pussy did not approve. YES, I want that!!! I haven’t fucked for so long! That was massacre!!! You need to see that!!!