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Age: 31


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Booblovers and titmongers, celebrate! For today is your day! The goddess has returned! You can tell your friends you've seen the walls of Babylon, the golden statue of Zeus, the hanging gardens of Semiramis, The Rhode collossus, the pyramids, or the temple of Artemis. But if you haven't seen Monica's tits, which cast a shade large enough for you to rest in, you haven't lived your life to the fullest. If you think you're dreaming, pinch your cheek, because this is as real as it gets! She is really Monica, known as Milly Moris. Three years ago, she disappeared from the scene, where she dominated for 5 years. Today, she came to our casting, and explained what had happened, and what horrible things she's been through. After that, she revealed the two heavenly size D's to our camera, and our cameraman went pale. The mere thought of touching and fondling these beauties could harm a rhinoceros. Milly forever!