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Katerina (24)


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Did you wife have a headache last night again? Was your girlfriend too tired and went to bed early? Did you mistress leave for two weeks seminar? Long story short, did you go to bed without fucking and had morning wood so hard you couldn’t piss? Don’t get depressed and watch today’s CZECH CASTING! We guarantee that Katerina, our star, will help you to get rid of blue balls. The curly dragon has history in adult movies and she knows her job well. She confessed she fucked unbelievable amount of men, so many she couldn’t even count them. And she’s only 24!!! What a bitch! We didn’t really have to persuade her or explain that it’s for her own good to fuck our cameraman. She just saw him and started sucking on his cock. Guys, this was a wild ride. Release your killer from your pants and introduce him to Katerina and her hot pussy. He will like it! Have fun and enjoy yourself!!!