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Age: 22


Do you want to get in touch? Glamino.com/iveta

We were just shocked! And you will be as well!! Iveta was nervous since the first moment sat on our white couch. She flicked her eyes from side to side. She was overly emotive when answering some questions and over sensitive about her past. She is a young mum. It wasn’t surprising she was nervous in front of camera, but her problems went much deeper. In the course of interview Eva got more and more shocking information from her. You won’t believe your ears, but this young beauty is depressed from her body. She never gets naked. She even has sex only in complete darkness!!! She doesn’t go to the pool!!! She hates her boobs!!! She thinks she is disgustingly hairy! Do you get that? Just take a look and decide for yourself. One thing occurred in my mind… Will Ales have to turn the lights down when he fucks her?