Ruzena (42)


Such a sad lady. That’s how you could sum up the star of our today’s casting. Or also – unhappily married woman. Or also – MILF with huge tits. Or – wonderfully freckled mom. Can you think of anything else? Anyway, Ruzena, married mother of two, deserves your attention. She’s extraordinary not only because of her look and age, but also because of her story. Her sad puppy eyes got wet whet we asked about the sensitive topics. We wondered how she will react to our offer you cannot refuse. Luckily, she doesn’t really enjoy fucking her husband, so she was more than happy to spread her freckled legs. And our youg stallion Ales was her cup of tea and his always hard cock as well. Seems like this will be useful and pleasant at the same time. Everybody, get ready, the party is about to begin!