Marie (25)


We once again managed to catch a perfect chick. The CzechCasting net caught twenty five year old Marie from Liberec – you probably know her from some magazine or two. She's a beautiful brunette with long hair, works as a professional model and we were very surprised by her honesty, good manners and pleasant attitude. This girl is certainly not average, but also not some snobby, stuck-up bitch. Listen, gentlemen, when we interviewed Marie, she told us that she's free... and that she wants a guy who would give her a child. What do you say? We have the impression that after today, she certainly won't have a shortage of potential fathers. ;-) If, of course, our cameraman (who was really anxious to hear if she'll take the offer to record a video test for 500 Crowns) won't end up giving her the child she wants so much. Well, it could happen! If you want to know how it all turned out, check out today's video. Certified Czech quality!