Lenka (20)


Today’s menu of Czechcasting will be extraordinarily delicious, because the green-eyed Lenka from Liberec, who is being served as today’s specialty is more than tasty 20-years-old girl. At first glance she appears very shy and sheepish, but appearances are deceptive. It’s true she doesn’t speak much and her life is also very orderly, but for a guy this is the same as the red cloth for a bull. Her angel-like aura just urges you to act and our cameraman can only confirm this. He was just driving crazy from the idea this juicy pussy might slip through his fingers without him getting the chance to taste it. Unfortunately Lenka’s boyfriend is extremely jealous, so she didn’t want to even hear about anything intimate. However, if there was a way how to do that without anybody knowing, she would have succumbed. How did all this end up? Well, see for yourself.