Kristyna (19)


This episode of CZECH CASTING is full of burning lust and passion. Sexual desire so strong you just cannot resist. Kristyna will succumb… This blonde princess from Western Bohemia decided to sell her charms in modeling. She needs money and this way is the fastest and easiest. She is even willing to start filming erotica. But only with her boyfriend!!!! He came with her and just now is waiting in the next room. Kristyna says she is a shy girl and would never cheat on her boyfriend. That’s not very convincing, you may say, looking at her being fucked by our cameraman. If only her boyfriend knew what’s going on behind the closed door. Well, maybe, if he’s lucky enough, he is a member and will see the video now. So, if you are Kristyna’s boyfriend and are you watching this, let us know if she’s that passionate at home as well. And for the rest of you, have fun!