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Klara (18)


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Everyone knows that CzechCasting is the right thing after a long day, so no one wants to miss it. For example, today we have a big premiere! For the first time, we got a freshly baked eighteen year old. Her name is Klara. Though her waistline is a little wide, she still is a pretty enough little brunette. This young attractive girl, still at school, brought new energy to our casting. Especialy our cameraman was interested – mainly if she would agree to do a videotest. Afterall, you don't get to fuck a fresh teen every day. After a few light questions, the moment of truth was upon us. You could almost see the tension in the air... Klara apparently didn't have enough money for a phone card so she willingly spread her cute legs on the couch. What a nice surprise, huh? You have two options: Either you go ask the cameraman how good she was, or you watch for yourself.