Viktorie (28)


Today’s paragon of femininity (brought to you by CzechCasting, of course) is a twenty eight year old blonde named Viktorie. She lives in Ceska Lipa and you can hear it in her voice that she's been born somewhere in the east from Czech lands... This was her first casting, so she was a little nervous at first. Viktorie is a beautiful young lady, who totally destroyed her back working in a factory, so she's on long-term sick leave. She's well aware of her innocent girly looks and thought once – Why would I give away the beauties of my body for free all the time, when somebody can pay me to see them? She went to us with this in mind to start a new life. You have the honor of watching her Slovak pussy’s first performance she so willingly offered to a complete stranger holding a running camera. Ah, the joys of CzechCasting! :-)