Veronika (22)


Am I dreaming, or am I awake? Is it a dream, or is it a different ...girl? Today's CzechCasting brings you a girl looks like a being from a different, sexier dimension. Veronika is simply an ORIGINAL. A beautiful fairy with rusty-red hair and alabaster skin. We haven't had anyone like her on the white couch yet... Gentlemen, you know what they say about redheads, right? The ringing of her cute laughter echoed in our heads for about two hours after she left. This video with Veronika is worth seeing, even more so when we tell you that she was so attracted our cameraman that perhaps it was not even necessary to give her 500 Crowns for fucking in front of the camera. We don't know what her boyfriend's going to say when he returns from his business trip abroad... but meanwhile, let's just enjoy the show.