Stepanka (20)


In the next part of the biggest casting in the world you will see suave Stepanka. This 22-years-old brunette from Liberec seemed a little nervous and bashful on our couch/confession booth. This is no wonder since she looked like a well-raised girl from a well-established family. This impression was supported by the fact she’s studying Czech at university. The bigger our shock was when she told us it’s not here first time in front of camera and that she also had experience with erotica. However, she has a boyfriend and because of him, she refused our offer-you-cannot-refuse. At least she has shown us her wonderful body. Our present-minded cameraman came with a bottle of oil and started rub the oil in every piece of her body vehemently. He took special care about her amazing pussy. Damn, it would be a miracle if she didn’t let him in.