Sona (24)


Sona is a pretty woman. Nice and very likable mother. This is her first casting ever. She was confident during the whole intimate confession on the white couch. Her big erotic fantasy is to fuck two guys at the same time, but her boyfriend is against that. Why, God damn it? I just couldn’t wait to see Sona in front of camera, she is one hot piece of a woman with lovely curves and proper ass. She was getting more nervous with every piece of clothing taken off, she just couldn’t relax. She was just too shy. It seemed we would have to end the casting, at one point she even started to get dressed. Sona, could you really disappoint so many men around the world? How many of us would stay horny? You just cannot do that! But don’t worry, every cloud has a silver lining and in the end, Sona changed her mind. Welcome to CZECH CASTING, the best you will ever get!