Romana (18)


It looks like CzechCasting reached another record. The eighteen-year-old Romana from Kladno is not extremely young, does not possess large or small boobs. This is about height. This nice girl with pitchy black hair is such a cute tiny gal! She's just 155,5 centimeters tall. She'll never be the star of catwalks. But maybe some soft or even hardcore erotic poses in front of the camera will be just up her alley. It all hanged on her decision. She did not share too much information during the interview, because she definitely suffers from a mild kind of “quiet little cute girl”. The real deal came during the photo shoot, when Romana had no idea what an “irresistible” offer will land on the table. Damn these hard life-changing choices! This chick never experienced such a quandary. Just take a look how it all went.