Romana (24)


Coming to our villa, sitting on the couch and answering questions is not easy. And I didn’t even mention getting naked in front of a photographer and then the cameraman. Time to time we welcome a girl that sees this as a huge problem. They get even more shy and nervous if it’s their first time. The best example of this is the main star of today’s CZECH CASTING, big-eyed Roman from Western Bohemia. I guess she was the most scared and shy girl we ever had here. She tried to hide her nervousness with laughter, but she had no reason to be nervous. No reason at all. She has wonderful body and when you realize she has already had a child, you just have to bow down in front of her. If there’s any mother reading this, I bet she turned green with envy. Roman, get rid of your nerves, leave them outside and show us your classy pussy. That’s what we all are waiting for!!!!