Karolina (21)


Karolina, today’s heroine of your favorite CzechCasting series, is without a doubt a very interesting young lady. Even though she doesn't look like it at first sight, she's a smart twenty one year old girl who knows what she wants and follows in that direction. The sit-down on our white couch was her first casting experience, and surprisingly enough she was completely cool with it! Her youthful appearance attracts the attention of many men, so it's strange Karolina isn't in any kind of serious relationship. Our cameraman x-rayed her using his professional look and was very curious what will happen when she strips... Karolina presented her girly body veiled in light skin without hesitation and immediately started to tempt our cameraman. Did she accept our offer? Did she let herself get fucked by our cameraman for the “irresistible” sum of 500 Czech Crowns? Let's find out...