Jana (23)


It’s the year 2013. The age of Beatles is gone and in discos roams hip-hop, house and street dance. To the showroom of the world’s most favorite casting came Jana, 23 years old girl, called Baby. This dark-haired beauty with mysterious eyes has one meaning of her life – dirty dancing. Baby is covered in mysteries, she didn’t want to speak about herself. After some time she told us she’s drowning in debts and needs to solve that fast. What can we do about that, Baby? We have a solution for you, a fair deal. You are beautiful, your body is perfect, firm boobs, you love fucking and enjoy your ass being fucked too. What about showing that in front of camera? That’s how Baby met Ales and let him fuck her hard in front of the camera and that’s how from an anonymous girl became a perspective erotic model. (I've Had) The time of my life.