Dita (20)


Let me introduce Dita to you. She is a 20 years old student from Northern Bohemia. This girl is like a hurricane! Untamable beast! And she’s gorgeous as well. No wonder she’s a successful model. We should also add this lovely brunette is a front man of a rock band!!! The interview on the white couch was more than interesting, just listen to it yourself. We all were pleased when she said she liked being given orders and succumbing to the man in sack. And she loves handcuffs. Good girl! But Dita made it more than clear she won’t film anything. The art act is her boundary. We’re not giving up though, we will leave her in one room with Ales and we’ll see if everything happens as usual. But it will be really hard for him today. And I’m sure you will be really hard as well!